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We have traditional picture framing glass, non-reflecting glass, conservation and museum glass.

Our framers can advise you on the best choice of glass for your entire picture framing needs. They are skilled artisans with an eye for detail and will make sure that you get the best choice for your project.

We have traditional picture framing glass, non-reflecting glass, conservation and museum glass.

Our framing specialists can advise you on the best choice of glass for your entire picture framing needs.

Non-reflecting glass, while reducing reflection, does reduce clarity and vibrancy of colours of your pictures. It is ideal for framing photos and posters that are going to be hung on a wall exposed to sunlight. Glare reduces visibility. Non-reflecting glass frames eliminate glare.

Conservation glass reduces 99.9% of UV rays from both external and internal light sources and is an excellent choice for protecting artwork from damaging UV rays. Exposure to the harsh rays of the sun can cause colours to fade. Conservation glass frames will ensure that your artwork retains its colours for a long time. So even if you hang your photos in a sunny area, they will stay as good as new for several decades to come.

Museum glass in addition to providing the benefits of conservation glass with the added benefit of providing “amazing clarity” and reflection reduction. Museum glass is especially effective for 3D items. While museum glass is more expensive than other glass varieties, it has properties that justify its price. If you have a unique piece of art that you want to protect and showcase at the same time, you should opt for museum glass for your picture frame.

Traditional Framing Glass

Due to its widespread availability and low cost, soda lime glass is still the most commonly used for picture framing. Traditional framing glass has light transmission of 90% and absorption of 2%. Allows over 90% of light transmission and has less than 8% reflection. Blocks up to 45% of UV light.

Conservation Glass

Artglass 99™ provides UV protection by blocking out 99% of harmful rays thus helping prevent the treasured keepsake from fading as well as yellowing of photographs, or paper becoming brittle.

Choose conservation glass on your next framing project – offer 99% UV protection. Artglass 99™ is your great choice for picture framing!

UV damage is cumulative and irreversible to framed artwork. The sunlight rays will react with the surface of an artwork or photograph, and change its chemical composition as it breaks down the bonds in the paper, dyes and pigments. The result is brittle paper and faded colours.

Protect what’s important!


The best glass option for reflection-free and neutral viewing. Also incorporating a 70% UV filter to protect valuable artwork from fading over time. This anti-reflective coating is manufactured using an advanced magnetron sputtering process to deposit a molecular film. This technique guarantees unrivalled consistency durability and quality. This is a truly invisible glass!

Museum Glass

Choose Artglass AR 92™ to achieve an outstanding clarity with its capability to transmit ~98% of light and to gain a conservation grade UV protection* of ~92%. Artglass AR 92™ will make you forget about green tint and optical distortion. Moreover, the anti-reflective coating reduces unwanted reflections to less than 1%, in the meantime it is scratch resistant and very easy to clean.